Ronnie Lane

Ronnie Lane

Ronnie has been rightly described as a born entertainer, humorous, emotional and spiritual. He was 'short and sweet', 'combined East End nous and the romantic' and a troubadour to the day he died. Ronnie gambled his shirt on a pipedream, a circus! His approach to music was refreshing and genuine, the gig an instant party.

“I got wise and acted like a fool”
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Passing Show Ronnie Lane

Ronnie Lane and Steve Marriott were one of the great songwriting partnerships of the '60s. Listen to the Small Faces' classics, Itchycoo Park or Lazy Sunday for example. The Faces became one of the great rock and roll bands of the '70s. Ronnie's next great venture, the Passing Show, was equally rich musically but not commercially or in terms of public recognition at the time.

'How Come' was Ronnie's last top ten (or rather, eleven!) hit, but not his last great song. Living in a remote part of Shropshire, surrounded by showman's wagons, and inspired by Meher Baba, Ronnie carried on writing and performing with his band Slim Chance and others including Eric Clapton and Pete Townshend even after he was afflicted by MS.

Arms stage Ronnie Lane

Ronnie was held in such high esteem, that he became the focus of star-studded concerts and tours on both sides of the Atlantic to raise money for other MS sufferers. When he moved to the Texas to seek treatment, he carried on playing with some fine American musicians. Ronnie died in Colorado in 1997 but his songs live on.

Much has been written and said about Ronnie Lane. To find out more we recommend you read David Cavanagh's article, get to see the 'Passing Show – the Life and Music of Ronnie Lane', the 2006 film/dvd made by Rupert Williams and James Mackie. You could also borrow, beg or steal some of Ronnie’s albums, or best of all, find out when Slim Chance is playing in your area and come to the gig. As Meher Baba said, “don’t worry, be happy!”

Anymore for Anymore
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