The Phoenix Tapes | Slim Chance

The Phoenix Tapes

The album features tracks recorded at various times in the last 10 years. Pete Townshend makes a magical appearance on Travellers’ Joy, which was written by Billy Nicholls shortly after Ronnie had left the Faces and they toured round Ireland together. The Phoenix Tapes also features fine contributions from ex-Slim Chancers Alun Davies and Des Horsfall, drummers Colin Davey, John Lingwood and Jim Russell as well as from the band as it is now. We're very grateful to all involved.  The tracks were originally posted on Youtube in 2020 to raise spirits and relieve lockdown boredom.  Besides vibrant versions of four classic Ronnie Lane songs and three originals, the material reflects the band’s musical roots ranging from Dylan to Leadbelly, Yusuf Cat Stevens to Jagger/Richards.


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  1. Anniversary (Lane) July 2011
  2. When I Paint My Masterpiece (Dylan) January 2015
  3. Hard Times (Foster) July 2014
  4. You're So Right (Lane) October 2017
  5. All Too Soon (Chapman)  August 2017
  6. Connection (Jagger/Richards) August 2014
  7. Roll On Babe (Adams) April 2015
  8. Zabrina (Bingham) September 2017
  9. Black Betty (Leadbetter) March 2015
  10. Jivin' Jivin' (Simpson) January 2015
  11. Traveller's Joy (Nicholls) October 2017
  12. On The Road To Findout (Yusuf /Cat Stevens) July 2014
  13. Stone (Lane) March 2013
  14. Buona Sera Signorina (Sigman,de Rose) June 2016


Steve Bingham, Colin Davey, Alun Davies, Charlie Hart, Des Horsfall, John Lingwood, Billy Nicholls, Brendan O'Neill, Jim Russell, Steve Simpson, Pete Townshend, Geraint Watkins.