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The Show Goes On

To complement the Island Records release, Slim Chance are delighted to announce the re-launch of their 2013 album, complete with a fine bonus track, a newly recorded version 'Ooh La La'. The new bonus track version of The Show Goes On is available on Itunes. The original album is available here or at the band's gigs.

"Its beautifully played and delivered with much love"


"The whole endeavour captures the indomitable spirit and sheer joie de vivre of Lane himself"

Classic Rock

"The tunes still sound delightful of course, and the playing is appropriately lush, with a bank of fiddles, mandolins and accordions weaving gently in and out of a hazy-lazy folk-rock fog"

Leicester Bangs | Read the full review

"Displaying uncanny empathy with the original Honest Ron’s rare joie de vivre spirit and humility, Slim Chance are still deserving of their place in the modern world – perhaps even more so"

Kris Needs | Record Collector | Read the review


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Available on itunes


  1. Kushty Rye 4:22
  2. Flags and Banners 3:39
  3. Don't You Cry for Me 4:06
  4. One for the Road 3:44
  5. Lads Got Money 4:30
  6. Anymore for Anymore 4:00
  7. Rat's Tails (Catmelody) 3:27
  8. Silly Little Man 3:35
  9. Lost (From the Late to the Early) 3:40
  10. You're So Rude 4:01


STEVE BINGHAM vocals, bass
COLIN DAVEY drums, percussion, vocals
ALUN DAVIES acoustic guitar, vocals
CHARLIE HART accordion, fiddle, piano, vocals
STEVE SIMPSON guitars, mandolin, fiddle, vocals,
GERAINT WATKINS organ, piano, vocals