Slim Chance
Left to right: Steve Simpson, Brendan O'Neill, Steve Bingham, Charlie Hart, Geraint Watkins and Billy Nicholls

The Band

Slim Chance is a tight band of good friends, which has evolved around three original members of Ronnie's band - Steve Bingham, Charlie Hart and Steve Simpson. They are now regularly joined by Brendan O'Neill, Billy Nicholls, and Geraint Watkins, and together they deliver a unique and entertaining show, both joyous and of a high musical calibre.

The Slim Chance extended family consists of a host of wonderful musicians whose contributions will always be greatly appreciated: Jim Cregan, Colin Davey, Alun Davies, Des Horsfall, Malcolm Hoskins, John Lingwood, Frank Mead, Nick Pentelow, Jim Russell, James Walbourne and Graham Walker.

Passing Show Ronnie Lane

Slim Chance

Ronnie always jokingly claimed that he found the musicians for Slim Chance in the pages of Exchange and Mart. In 2010 Charlie Hart and Steve Simpson trawled the streets of South London and miraculously found three more ex-Slim Chancers who were all keen to sign up again to the quest for Ronnie's musical holy grail. By gigging round the country the line-up has gelled into a fine band and become a powerful entity in its own right.

The aim is to create a show which celebrates the range of Ronnie's later music: to take this show to people in village halls and clubs, festivals and theatres at home and abroad; and eventually, joined by numerous friends, to resurrect the Passing Show itself.

Passing Show Ronnie Lane

The Line Up

STEVE SIMPSON vocals, guitar, mandolin and fiddle, has worked with Frankie Miller, Eric Bibb, Roger Chapman, and played on Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance, One for the Road and See Me.

CHARLIE HART vocals, fiddle, accordion and keys, has played with Pete Brown, Ian Dury, Eric Clapton and worked on Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance, One for the Road, Rough Mix, See Me, Rockpalast.

STEVE BINGHAM vocals and bass, played with Geno Washington, the Foundations, Colin Blunstone, worked on Anymore for Anymore, played bass on The Poacher and toured with the Passing Show.

GERAINT WATKINS vocals and keys has played with Carl Perkins, Nick Lowe, Van Morrison, released his own albums and joined Slim Chance for the 2004 Ronnie Lane Albert Hall concert.

BRENDAN O'NEILL, drums, has worked with Rory Gallagher, Nine Below Zero, Glen Tillbrook to mention a few. Brendan knew Steve Mariott and is highly respected for his all round musicianship.

BILLY NICHOLLS, vocals, mandolin and acoustic guitar, knew Ronnie well as he and the Small Faces played on each other's records back in the Sixties. Since that time Billy has been a prolific and successful songwriter and singer and has also worked extensively with The Who.

FRANK MEAD, playing saxophone, harp and whistle, known for his work with Micky Jupp, Gary Moore, Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings and Gary Brooker.

JIM RUSSELL, drums,  has worked with Scotty Moore, Elvis Costello, Bob Geldof, Human League, is an accomplished producer and played on Slim Chance's On the Move.  You can find Jim on Facebook.

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Slim Chance Hall of Fame

Over time there have been many musicians who worked with Ronnie after he left the Faces, as part of Slim Chance and its offshoots. The present line up is merely the tip of the iceberg and would like to celebrate the contributions of:

Cal Batchelor; Brian Belshaw; Steve Bingham; George and Ray Carless; Eric Clapton; Colin Davey; Alun Davies; Ed Deane; Hughie Flint; Jim Frank; Benny Gallagher; Carol Grimes; Charlie Hart; Jimmy Jewell; Glen le Fleur; Billy Livsey; Graham Lyle; Binky McKenzie; Drew McCulloch; Henry McCullough; Ruan O'Lochlainn; Robin Lucas; Ian McClagan; John Porter; Bruce Rowland; Steve Simpson; Ken Slaven; Chrissy Stewart; Ian Stewart; Pete Townshend; Mick Weaver; Kevin Westlake. Unfortunately many of the above - Ian McClagan, Ian Stewart, Ruan O'Lochlainn, Kevin Westlake, and most recently Bruce Rowland and Brian Belshaw - have left this world but they - and of course Ronnie too - will not be forgotten.

In the States, Ronnie worked with musicians including Rich Brotherton; Jodie Denberg; Joe Ely; Alehandro Escovedo; J.D.Foster; John D.Graham; Ronnie Johnson; Susan Voelz.

Slim Chance reformed briefly for the Ronnie Lane Albert Hall concert in 2004. Those taking part were: Sam Brown; Alun Davies; Geoff Dugmore; Charlie Hart; Chris Jagger; Mick Jones; Bob Loveday; Glen Matlock; Henry McCullough; Mike Paice; Rosie Whitfield; Keith Smart; Chrissy Stewart; Pete Townshend; Ronnie Wood; Geraint Watkins; Paul Weller.